Love mushrooms as much as we do?

Join The Fellowship and find yourself surrounded by fungi.

As if mushrooms needed to be MORE fun?!

At Fellowship of Fungi, we LOVE mushrooms and everything they stand for and help support. From encouraging you to be out in the wild foraging them to the benefits they give you when properly ingested/eaten and the fun we can have creating trinkets and gifts all with a wonderful fungi theme. Mushrooms are our thing. 

We have been working hard developing a product line that is going to ignite the fire within and inspire thoughts for some great gift ideas. Not only will you find a fully stocked shop with gifts, kits and cultivation supplies, you will become part of a community. 

A mushroom loving community that works together for the growth of a better, more sustainable future. Promoting bio-diversity and encouraging urban farming to advocate a circular economy and helping those around you. 

It is becoming clearer that mushrooms are very beneficial for us. The industry has seen a rise in popularity recently and people are getting to know about the old ways. We hope to provide you with a platform you can come and be educated on mushrooms. 

We love to be creative and having time to escape and create handmade, unique gifts that we know will be nowhere else in the world is something we take great pride in. 

Head over and take a little look at our shop, we have key-rings, necklaces, and resin ornaments of all kinds. All orders we receive are made when we receive them. We aim to have them completed within a couple of days but we will communicate this with you along the way. 

Please, take some time to have a good read through what we have on offer and ask if there is something you would like making. 

We appreciate you taking the time and hope you have fun here at The Fellowship of Fungi!

Mushrooms aren't just for eating?

NO!!! You can grow them at home! See the mycelium go from a white block to fruiting beautiful flushes of fantastic fungi. Oysters, Lions Mane, Reishi, Shiitake, Maitake and so many more species of medicinal and gourmet mushrooms can be grown at home, and with grow-kits, the stress is taken completely out of the cultivation process. You simply order a grow kit from our shop, we send you it and you begin the fruiting process. 

There is more to the world of mushrooms than being something to simply eat. You can create tinctures, powders, and supplements. You can reap their benefits in tea! We plan on sharing all of this knowledge with you and helping you become more educated on the beautiful world of fungi. 

Not only do they taste great but they look fantastic too! The beauty that can be found with mushrooms always astounds me and creating something that is visually appealing and will last a long time inspired us to create mushroom themed gifts.

What our future looks like

About Fellowship of Fungi

The Fellowship was birthed out of a real passion for mushrooms and everything they entail. From growing mycelium on agar plates right through to fruiting mushroom in bags or logs. We want to show people they CAN grow mushrooms at home and that it’s much easier than they think.